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i change my mind so much i can't even trust it, my mind changes me so much i can't even trust myself

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Hey you said it dosn't have to be good

Yea I know but I changed my mind. Just spend like half an hour trying to draw something and then it should be good enough for me to let you in.

ill try im better at photoshop than drawing.

No using pictures or other drawings and editing them. Goodl luck Chair :P


Totally ;)

i've been playing bass for a year

No we don't have an artistic Bassist although Chair is getting better...

as in it doesn't look like you have bass yet.

You can join but you have to remove all your conections with the KK (as in unbuddy all the people in the KK so the flashes don't appear on you page).

Oh man, to bad I don't know anything about music.

That's too bad. Your only 14 though, I was 15 when I started playing guitar and got into music heaps. I suggest you buy some cheap instrument and learn how to play it.

lmao wait are you joking?

The cats there are like my family, I've ran with them since 2008!

I don't know if I want to lose connections with them for this...

No I'm not... why the hell would you run with them when there's so many better communities and groups on NG... I guess you can join but any further KK flashes with your name on it will warrant your removal from the Band... lol

Interesting idea. I just don't have any gear for recording :C

Yes it is. We haven't gotten anywhere yet though. Damn it would be good if you could get some, doesn't have to be good quality. The band just wont be the same without Lundsfryd the mouth-harpist and accordianist and guitarist and pianoist :'(

UR A FUKIN NEWB!!!111111111

:O! How'd you find out! Did Danny tell you? DID HE!?? >:C

oh i would love to write lyrics. but i am limited to Nedersaksisch and dutch, as i am not the greatest english speaker. D:

That means we'll need someone who can sing in Nedersaksisch or dutch :P

Oh i can sing to! but olny in dutch... D:

unless it is a english song that i know
like katy perry songs LOLOLOL

Just wondering if you could sing your lyrics or if I'd have to find someone that can sing in Dutch. We wont be doing any Katy Perry songs only original songs I hope.



lol ya i can sing but i have no microphone, i figured i might not be a good fit for you band anyways.. >_<

aw damn, when you get one contact me ;)

Only nubs ask for lyrics then delete them.

lol! dont worry i memorised them all...

So why not just leave the lyrics written here?

Because they contained words that are not appropriate for some of the members of the band like Gumby and Kinsei :|

Then perhaps you should put up something saying 'please make everything G rated because we expect a bunch of ten year old bible whipped pansies are going to be reading this instead of skipping straight over to Newgrounds adult and hentai section...'

Hahahahahahahahahaha. ;P

haha... perhaps I will do that :P

Well, just wondering, I can play a few instruments pretty well, but I don't know the best way to record it. Any suggestions (pm me please). I play guitar (I'm more used to guitar than anything else), violin, tin whistle, a bit of piano, okay with vocals, and uh, I can beatbox while making duck noises (lol).

I'm not to sure what the best way is but whatever way works, microphone or pluging your instrument straight into the computer. I'll add you to the band and hopefully we can make some shits soon.

I can't sing or play for shit.

But I can write.

Aw damn, perhaps you can write some lyrics then :)

I play drums, but not amazingly well, and I have a drum thingy that i sometimes hit on stickam.

We now have 3 drummers... o.0

do you have a clan ?

I don't think so... if your refering to the list of ppl above then you should learn to read.

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