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This is a bloody good collab, very fun stuff clockifying renowned artworks. Also can't believe I programmed this, feels like yonks since I've programmed anything.

5 Stars

Fantastic work xoxox

I think..

..you should invest in cocoa beans.

Jamrock is very lucky, cool.

Kwing responds:

I think if he saw this he'd break down laughing, seeing as the thread he made is like 7 years old.

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What the fuck.

That was horrible. I wouldn't be surprised if you just copied the code from somewhere and so don't know how to tweak the game to make him move faster.
The graphics aren't good and the music is not pleasant at all.

I like this.

Sequel = smoking the Koran, the fire needs to be more burny. The music is really good and enjoyable. Nice work dude!

NhollowWearthO responds:

Thanks :D i should really should put effort in the little animation there is but it was more about the date time and feel i might just go back and fix that fire. at least/

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Far too repetative...

It's a good start but I would find this way too irritating if it playing continuously during a game or menu of some sort. The xylophone like instrument just needs to change or slow down for a bit to break it up. Ignoring shortness and repetativness it's pretty good and mastered really well.


I came like 49 times cos it is soo good. I like the part when he says Foldy Foldy Foldy. The music part is also good. I think it's really great how you made the music so I can hear it with my ears, you know? Anyway it's good seeing you again, keep up the good making of music that goes Ninja, Ninja, Ninjastar. LOL ok desu KawaII yo! haha lol nice song man

Havegum responds:

I came that one 50th time :3

Sounds Great!

Even short loops shouldn't be this repetitive unless it's some atmospheric synth stuff without a definitive beat. You need to make it longer and change it a bit half way through so it's not so repetative. This could work well in a game though.

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Holy crap, dude, this is super depressing.

Such amazing stuff.
What great memories.

Wow, this is really horrible and stupid. There is just so much wrong with this that I don't even know where to start. Apart from the flat colours, bad gradient shading and bad use of lines.. the figure (from the waist out mainly) is disproportioned. The head is skewed and all her facial features are either too big or you've tried to represent them with a line segment. You need to simply your drawings down to basic shapes so you can your proportions right. And also please learn how to draw a proper face that actually looks like a face. If not then please leave all your "OC"s on dA.

StudiOh-Nobi responds:

Haha. Yea I know man the thing is that when I'm drawing my genius gets in the way and I make 1 or 2 mistakes, but thanks for caring about my drawing, much appreciated. :3

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