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i change my mind so much i can't even trust it, my mind changes me so much i can't even trust myself

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I like your image lol. Why did you use it anyway? Just curious.

It's the only cool image I had on this comp :P

random unrelated picture is random and unrelated :P

It's completely related as I use my hand to hold my toothbrush.

Your art is trippy! I love it!

Aw thanks taraloveshentai yo.

Oh! So that what it is.

So what this is who?

hey clowd eta

yo sup Shrubs!

I'd say your art is very whimsical! :D I like it.
Also I agree with both things in your post, moreso the idea thing but the toothbrush one too, although that seemed reallie random..0-o

Thanks yo ...whimsical? I also agree with the things in my post.

when I click your website link it took me to <a href="http://custom404error.com/?keywords=small%20office%20copier/pagenotfound">http://custom404error.com/?keywords=s mall%20office%20copier/pagenotfound</a>

Ah shit, It's been changed to .com

I'm not entirely sure what whimsical means...but I do know its a compliment. I'm just fond of that word. :P

lol ohk then >:P

i like potatoes!! &gt;.&lt;
remember that &gt;:O

no, fuck you

Pretty cool art.

Cool eh?

lol john

lol! John

You'll need some buddies, a van, video store membership and window cleaner.

Oh I see... I'll have to get those.

PENGUINS PWNS SQUIRRLES....but turtles rape them both...

Turtles maybe but penguins na.

want to burn a koran?
<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/547958">http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /547958</a>

it shitty quality ya know..

I like the music and fire is cool.

God Damn Girl Your SO Hot Looking Damn Back That Ass Up For Me!!!!




no, only I can do stuff to it... lol PinkVolt ;)

So Your From Australia G'day mate So Are U A Lesbian?!
Because You Won't Let Me Tap DAT Ass Of Yours Baby!!!




People don't say G'day mate as often as you'd think. I'm straight. Hopefully you'll figure out the reason one day.

why the hell do you say &quot;that's ok&quot; when people thank you for watching you or favoriting you

When did I do that?!

(=^_^=) Meow For Me Baby!!!!!

No, fuck you.

heya =)
yeah i'm from aussie =) brisbane to be more acurate =).

What did you think of the film? did it make sence?

Btw. You need to get that paste/gel stuff that you sleep with to get your teeth that white, ask your dentist about it and then look for a cheaper brand lol. It slowly fades after about 2 years =). And yes squirels are pretty cool =)

I think the film is coming along nicely. I didn't understand it in the earlier version but I could tell in the most recent version. I shall look into that stuff.

Watch as that squirrel ruins your life.

Ohk then.

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