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Posted by CloudEater - September 23rd, 2010

I can now draw and go on internet from same computer. Unfortunately crappy laptop may lag when several programs are open...

wip :

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whoa that looks pretty cool

I'm glad someone thinks it's cool.

also i seriously hate insanescarymovieguy

Yea he's an idiot.

You need to level up n***a.

Fuck that man, then I'd lose my lollipop.

Fuck All You Hater Ass Holes Choke On My Dick You Faggots!!!!!!!!!

lol! idiot!



HEy boii im gonna touch ya!
there is nothin you can do about it!

ohk then

Bitch hahahah suck mah nipples!

yea.. No, go fuck yourself.

bryc was here... 2010

he sure was

waka flocka WAKA FLOCKA


i thought i had something good to post here

what was it

I'm not sure... :|

A quick question - which I would post on your art thread if I knew where it is but - do you use sketch layers when you draw your pics, or do you sort of just go along with them, edit where needed, but overall go with the flow? Either way, a good look for you.

Another thing - you know you can ban people from commenting forever, right? Referring to a certain Movie person who seems to be spamming up your news thread.

For most of my flash stuff I don't do a sketch first but just start drawing some stuff and go with it but I do a sketch sometimes, I did a sketch for John Glockswell and the Robot Doubles. My thread is linked in my Index Post (my first News Post).

And I don't care if he comments. If someone makes a comment where they just paste some words as much as they can then I'll ban them and hit them in the face with a brick.

lol your profile pic is sure nice. I wonder who that awesome person is???

It is a very nice pic. I'm not too sure who it is but they sure are cool ;D lol

i'll like nipples! >:O

you are stupid loser...

how dare you try to fool everyone By Trying to be a women Your A Sick Mother Fucker!!!!!!!!!

Meow for me, fucktard!

if i ever finish an animation would you watch it

of course...

Spam! :3


CloudEater is a girl?! No wait... What?


That WIP looks interesting. I like the tongue.


so what im getting is you're a hermaphrodite

your bad at getting

lol'ed at you response to movieguy's last comment.

horny people... im a guy too but nobody will believe me!
they just keep on sending those dirty IMs

oh and btw people think I stole that pic in my old news post from you now!
because it makes since that your profile pic appeared in my news post like two years ago! and somehow was on your page first! LOL idiots!

it is purdy lol. I don't see why they would think you're not a guy. lol idiots, you made that news post before I even made this account.

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