Entry #12

Who wants free doughnuts (donuts)???!!!!

2016-02-14 17:37:46 by CloudEater

This is my first News Post since 2011. My activity on this website has changed considerably since 5 years ago when this place was a daily thing for me and I strived to keep up with everything that happened.

Just submitted a few art pieces I've done previously.
I haven't really created a whole lot in the past several years.
Here are a few of the music things I have managed to finish creating.  

<a href="http://dredgemill.bandcamp.com/album/clinical-chaos-ambient">Clinical Chaos Ambient by Spurwater</a>
<a href="http://dredgemill.bandcamp.com/album/piano-ambient">Piano Ambient by Spurwater</a>

But yeah, what's good NG, how've you been?
I wonder if I'm still a familiar name to anyone.
How many people will even read this post... 

Ankaŭ ĉu iuj tie ĉu parolas Esperanon?
Also does anyone here speak Esperanto?

Oooohhh yeah, I can show you guys this too..

& finally, I'm sorry but you'll have to get your own donuts.. :c


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2016-02-14 20:00:31

give me food plz

CloudEater responds:

sure, what would you like?


2016-02-15 01:36:36

This music is strange. In a nice way. :)

CloudEater responds:

Thanks :) ..I think that's what I was going for


2016-02-15 04:31:17

well see you in 2021 if this site isn't dead yet

CloudEater responds:

seeya then bro(ny)


2016-02-15 06:18:04

No donuts :(

CloudEater responds:

donuts are evil anyway


2016-02-16 12:25:55

I just came for the donuts. Also: O hai CloudEater.

CloudEater responds:

hey hey Luwo. change your profile pic


2016-02-21 18:40:08

Why can't you love my picture the way it is? Why do you want to change me?

CloudEater responds:

It's not worthy of my love.


2016-08-25 21:49:05

You are still a familiar name to me. For what that is worth ;)

CloudEater responds:

I'm very glad!! :)


2016-08-25 21:52:00

Also have not see a picture of you before. I want to swim in your beard! Haha!

CloudEater responds:

You haven't?! ..not even the one where I drew all over my face?
We need another way to communicate besides NG posts.