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The Band of Artistic Folk

Posted by CloudEater - March 12th, 2010

CloudEater's Index Post

If you would like to join the band, can play an instrument and are artistic then please comment. You will need to be able to record yourself playing the instrument and it must be of a bareable quality.

Band members
J-bq - piano, melodica, euphonium, composer
Fishboy - drums
CloudEater - guitar, composer, digital drums
Havegum - piano, guitar
BigJonny - lyrics, voice acting, piano
Kinsei - guitar, vocals
Luxembourg - violin
Jeeshwa - guitar, bongos, beatboxing
Kakashi - violin, lyrics, organ,
Ornery - guitar, can sing really well
ZaneZansorrow - viola
Lundsfryd - vocals, mouth-harp, accordian, guitar, piano
Misagi - drums
Hoboweasel - guitar, tin whistle, violin, duck noises
Danopus - drums

non-Artistic backup members
Axlisbak - vocals, lyrics, guitar
SteelChair - bass guitar
SledgeHammerGuy - saxaphone (alto, bari)

lyric writers, more vocalists, more composers, more people that play stuff...?

Just compose a song and then specify what instruments you need in a comment and I'll add it to the list then people can learn the song, record it and send it back to you. Then when you've got all the parts just combine them together and submit the song :D (or shall we make a whole new account?)

Lyric Writers
Write some lyrics then post a link to them here so that people can put them to a tune and record them :D


Je jouer la guitar aussi!

Bien j'ajouterai que sous votre nom.

congrats on the comic ad!

i was not aloud to win twice lol

I might also think of somthing to contribute to the music, but damn have i been busy. Now that i have school break, maybe maybe.

Thanks, I was wondering why yours didn't win then I remembered you got in last time. Not sure is this music thing is even gonna work...

I decided to let my second entry take place of my first one on the comic though..

I like it much better anyways

They're both good but the second one does seem a bit better.

will join, got nearly two books of lyrics id like to share and a slew of guitar parts or whatever, just depends if i can afford a decent microphone this week and some quiet time

are you artistic axlisbak? it's the Band of ARTISTIC folk so you have to be artistic.

your lookin' at a gutiar player :D
i'm also fairly amatur at bongos, and i ocassionally beatbox. lol
idunno, pm me or something. this sounds like a fun idea.

haha... awesome. Now we need someone to compose a song so people can start recording stuff.

I play violin
plus a bit of guitar and organ, if that counts (not amazing, but manageable imo)
i could definetely do lyrics, so long as you give me a topic

Great, I want to learn to play the violin.


(fail raid)

lol Danny fails another raid.


did i do it right?

Raids are bad for your health Ash.

little off topic but thanks for scouting me :)

lol, that's ok :)


(jk but still)

wait... what is this about? o.0

you scouted raynoa, after all this time

Haha, yes it seems I did... I wonder how that happend.

Indeed, I can play a viola but I don't have a recording device :(

ahh damn, you can still join the band, not much recording has happened so far any way.

Psychadelic Animator


It makes me so disappointed how there is no bass, i shed a tear.

As do I...

Oh no wait viola is a bass nvm

I thought a viola was just a slightly bigger violin... a bass guitarist would be good though... or a double bassist... or a celloist.

A viola is also a bass, used by Paul McCartney, and it just so happens im a bass player

Awesome, your artistic aren't you...?

I'm a damn good saxophonist, if I do say so myself.
Alto and bari.

But your no artist, so I'll put you in the non-artistic section incase a saxaphonist is needed.



I have art!

WTF is that! I think I'll leave you in the non-artistic section.

i unbanned u

Why thank-you :)

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