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Who wants free doughnuts (donuts)???!!!!

2016-02-14 17:37:46 by CloudEater

This is my first News Post since 2011. My activity on this website has changed considerably since 5 years ago when this place was a daily thing for me and I strived to keep up with everything that happened.

Just submitted a few art pieces I've done previously.
I haven't really created a whole lot in the past several years.
Here are a few of the music things I have managed to finish creating.  

<a href="">Clinical Chaos Ambient by Spurwater</a>
<a href="">Piano Ambient by Spurwater</a>

But yeah, what's good NG, how've you been?
I wonder if I'm still a familiar name to anyone.
How many people will even read this post... 

Ankaŭ ĉu iuj tie ĉu parolas Esperanon?
Also does anyone here speak Esperanto?

Oooohhh yeah, I can show you guys this too..

& finally, I'm sorry but you'll have to get your own donuts.. :c

We Are Trees [Newgrounds]

2011-11-10 05:08:23 by CloudEater

Come join this Facebook Group of Newgrounds people. 04020568/

It was created late last year some time and we've gone through many things together. We've had many Newgrounders join and then leave because we change the name too much or they didn't like all the notifications but you can turn all them off now anyway. But yeah, it's the best NG group on Facebook so you should all join it.

We Are Newgrounds <3

Clock Tolonius

2011-08-10 10:26:33 by CloudEater

I am making a Clock Tolonius (animation collab) which will be like the other two Toloniuss which everyone has definitely heard of, hopefully a bit better though.
This & This... so anticipate it. People who are participating (if they find the time) in this collab so far include: Sockembop, Golfinho, theBoogley, Pacmanic, Catoblepas, AbominableGod, Peixeaquatico, RENstyles. If anyone else who can animate really good thinks they can make something for this before clock day (15th), PM me.

..also I made a Mirage.

_ __ ___ ____ _____ ______ _______ _______ ______ _____ ____ ___ __ _

- Tickle from a Sickle

This was made from a photo of an eye that I drew on my hand.

Clock Tolonius

smoke DMT everyday

2011-01-25 09:12:30 by CloudEater


smoke DMT everyday


2010-10-18 07:47:20 by CloudEater

Donate And Send Me Some Money Homies I Need Cash!!!!
_ __ ___ ____ _____ ______ _______ ______ _____ ____ ___ __ _


Bigger Picture

2010-09-23 09:54:37 by CloudEater

I can now draw and go on internet from same computer. Unfortunately crappy laptop may lag when several programs are open...

wip :

Bigger Picture

Stories & Problems

2010-08-12 02:57:07 by CloudEater

[CloudEater's Index Post]

There are too many concepts and ideas, to many things that I would like to do but just not enough time or I have no way of doing them.

Also no matter how much or how hard I brush my teeth, or how much toothpaste and mouthwash products I use... my teeth still don't shine and sparkle like in cartoons.

Also squirrels are fucking awesome... I'ma get one and teach it to steal stuff.

Stories & Problems

The Band of Artistic Folk

2010-03-12 08:38:06 by CloudEater

CloudEater's Index Post

If you would like to join the band, can play an instrument and are artistic then please comment. You will need to be able to record yourself playing the instrument and it must be of a bareable quality.

Band members
J-bq - piano, melodica, euphonium, composer
Fishboy - drums
CloudEater - guitar, composer, digital drums
Havegum - piano, guitar
BigJonny - lyrics, voice acting, piano
Kinsei - guitar, vocals
Luxembourg - violin
Jeeshwa - guitar, bongos, beatboxing
Kakashi - violin, lyrics, organ,
Ornery - guitar, can sing really well
ZaneZansorrow - viola
Lundsfryd - vocals, mouth-harp, accordian, guitar, piano
Misagi - drums
Hoboweasel - guitar, tin whistle, violin, duck noises
Danopus - drums

non-Artistic backup members
Axlisbak - vocals, lyrics, guitar
SteelChair - bass guitar
SledgeHammerGuy - saxaphone (alto, bari)

lyric writers, more vocalists, more composers, more people that play stuff...?

Just compose a song and then specify what instruments you need in a comment and I'll add it to the list then people can learn the song, record it and send it back to you. Then when you've got all the parts just combine them together and submit the song :D (or shall we make a whole new account?)

Lyric Writers
Write some lyrics then post a link to them here so that people can put them to a tune and record them :D

Clock Tolonius + W-P-S bDay collab

2010-02-19 06:02:38 by CloudEater


specIALs; spEED, sPAAIN = 666 x -++ 40, 24, 3, 0
- earlier
criteria animate &or.. 1-30 seconds
:: no script; name your movieclips;
_ __ ___ ____ _____ ______ _______ ______ _____ ____ ___ __ _

Polar Continual -~. Arthur has no THouGhts?

It was my Birthday!!!

2010-01-13 23:02:40 by CloudEater

On the 14th! and I'm now 17. Went to dinner with grandparents but didn't do anything else :( maybe next year I'l ctually do something.

Dumping grounds doesn't work for me, always says "Unable to contact server" does anyone else have this problem?

What do you think of my vector sketches? Reduced the quality so it didn't excede the filesize limit of 150k.

Index Post and my current Flash/Art Projects

It was my Birthday!!!